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Carders, including Shopsellcvv, Bestdumpswithpinshop andCvvsitelist, release dumps for other people to buy. However, this is the final step of the process. At first, they check all credit card numbers to verify their validity. The best dumps are often given to their trusted circles to quickly make profit. Many people are willing to pay quite a lot for a freshly hacked credit card. Once dumps are brought up for sale, the demand goes up. Newbies start with bulk purchases. Carders, such as Goodshopdumps andDumpsshopscript, have to be quick because dumps have limited availability.

The moment there is a hint of a POS breach, carders (e.g. Mastercvvshop, Topcvvshop andEntershopdumps) get active to get their hands on the freshest dumps. As the result, the demand of dumps goes up, especially in places where POS terminals were affected. For example, news about a major breach in Canada would lead to high dump flow in the country. Carders make sure they deliver quality dumps to keep up with the demand. Dumps expire very quickly and must be used immediately. Banks also know about the breach and try to prevent carding. Therefore, dumps lose their value if not used for several weeks or even days.

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